Home Security Cameras

Increase Your Security with Per Mar Home Security Cameras

See what is happening in and around your home with our wired or wireless security cameras.

Indoor Security Cameras

Our indoor wired or wireless security cameras can be placed anywhere in your home, and be your second set of eyes when you aren't there. Look in anytime to see what is happening, and be alerted if their is any alarming activity. Features of our indoor security cameras include:

  • email or text alerts in real-time
  • View Live Or Recorded Video anytime
  • HD RESolution Available
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Outdoor Security Cameras

Keep a close watch on your home’s exterior. Not only will your outdoor security cameras see intruders, but intruders will see your outdoor security cameras, too. That’s enough to deter most burglars! View your home and property with features including:

  • functional in low light environments
  • weather resistant
  • Email or text alerts in Real-Time
  • view live or recorded video anytime
  • video clips via email or text
  • HD resolution available
Home Security Camera

Protect Your Home with a Smart Home Security Package

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Doorbell Video Camera

If your front door tends to be a high traffic area, consider an HD video doorbell camera. Once installed, a mobile app is all you need to begin seeing and speaking to your visitors, whether you are home or away. Connect it to your home security system and smart home door locks, and grant access to your home via your web enabled device! Not expecting anyone? The video doorbell will alert you to any uninvited guests, too.

Smart Home App - Always Be Alert (and Be Alerted)

Per Mar's smart home app or virtual keypad, is another way to put your smartphone to good use. View live or recorded activity occurring in or around your home 24/7. Do your children often forget to call to let you know they are home safe from school? Receive video clip alerts to confirm their safe arrival. Then, use the app to monitor them while they are home alone. Use it to check in on pets, housekeepers, nannies, lawn maintenance, package deliveries and all other activity in and around your busy home.

Security Camera Installation

Per Mar is family owned and operated, so our family is right there with you and yours every step of the way. You don’t have to deal with unknown businesses or multiple providers in your home. A Per Mar truck and security professional(s) will arrive to install your new home security cameras, which can also be integrated with your other security systems (smoke detectors, burglar alarms, etc.).

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I am very satisfied with my Per Mar system. When I need help, Per Mar is very accommodating and quick to meet my requests, all while providing great customer service. I tried installing a camera system on my own that I purchased from a retail store. After fighting with it for a bit, I decided to call Per Mar to have their professionals take care of my security camera needs, and I could not be happier with what I have.

Les | Residential Customer