Central Station Online

Per Mar is pleased to announce we have partnered with our software provider, Bold Technologies, to implement a product called Central Station Online, powered BoldNet.  Central Station Online allows you to take control of your account and directly submit changes, which are instantaneous and live.
This page is for customers of our Central Station Online product.  Central Station Online, powered by BoldNet, is your portal to access items on your account such as contact list, passcodes, and alarm updates.  Any messages pertaining to Central Station Online will be posted here.


Please be aware of the following when using our Central Station Online:
  1. Google Chrome users soon will not be able to access the Central Station Online system. Please use a different browser, such as Internet Explorer.
  2. If you change the password for the Central Station Online User, you will remove yourself from the online service. If this happens, you will not be able to view any accounts.
  3. If you are in the Contact List and you attempt to move the order of names and you move the Central Station Online User, you will remove your ability to make changes. This means that you can still view the accounts but will not be able to change anything.
**The Central Station Online username is typically your first and last name but in some cases may be your organization name.

Key Functions Include:

View Account History

Interface with Contact List

Modify Call List

Run Reports

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