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Per Mar Security Services is a leader in providing affordable, full service security solutions to homes and businesses in the Griffith area.

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Our Local Security Team Makes the Difference

  • We work closely with your local law enforcement and fire departments and know your local codes and neighborhoods.
  • Our alarm monitoring agents achieved the highest level of training and certification in the industry.
  • We offer security officer services to a wide variety of industries and businesses.

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Griffith Home Security

The safety of your family, home and possessions is our number one priority. Trust Per Mar’s home security solutions to keep you safe.

Griffith Business Security

Protect all that you’ve worked for with Per Mar’s business security solutions.

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“We are pleased with the service we have received from Per Mar Security Services. They listen to our needs and offer solutions to address them. Since we have become a Per Mar customer, we have been very fortunate to not have any losses. Thank you Per Mar for the excellent service!”

Phil | Jayco