Per Mar Security Launches Making a Difference Program in 2018

Jan 28, 2019

DAVENPORT, Iowa – Per Mar Security Services, a leading provider of total security solutions for residential and commercial clients based in Davenport, IA, launched its Making a Difference Program in July of 2018. The service Per Mar provides to their customers makes a difference in their everyday lives by providing peace of mind and minimizing their risk of losing lives or property. Per Mar’s Making a Difference Program celebrates those instances where their team and solutions deliver excellent service to mitigate a specific threat to a customer. Per Mar is proud to announce the Making a Difference recipients for 2018.

Kent Geppert


Kent Geppert, Security Officer

Security Officer Kent Geppert was on duty at a customer’s site in Des Moines, Iowa when an employee was feeling ill. He recognized that the employee was experiencing diabetic and cardiac issues, and called for an ambulance. He then began administering stabilizing treatments, as he is also a trained EMT. The employee credits Kent with being instrumental in saving his life.

Dana Cox


Dana Cox, Monitoring Center Agent

On June 19, we received a supervisory alarm from a home in Madison, WI. Within 2 minutes, Dana Cox called to notify the customer. The customer called back to thank us as his sump pump had failed in his basement, and he could have had costly water damage in his home. He was very grateful for our service and equipment working exactly as intended, as it has saved his property multiple times.

Ryan Ross, Steve Herborn, Jennifer Saldana, Chance Waterman


Steve Herborn, Sales Consultant

Chance Waterman, Technician

Jennifer Saldana, Installation Coordinator

Ryan Ross, Material Handler

A Des Moines, Iowa homeowner requested a security quote online after he had a break-in at his home the night before. Time was of the essence, so Steve Herborn was able to adjust his schedule to meet with him. With the help of Ryan Ross, who quickly ordered parts, and Jenn Saldana, who was able to work him into the installation schedule, Chance Waterman was able to complete the install and the customer had a monitored system within a week. The customer called to thank our team as he had another break-in following installation. The system worked, and the intruder ran right out at the sound of the alarm.

LaShawnica Tatum


LaShawnica Tatum, Monitoring Center Agent

A residential customer in Davenport, Iowa, had a burglar alarm at 15:00:49 on October 19. LaShawnica Tatum called on the alarm and spoke with the customer by 15:01:08. The alarm was false, as the customer didn’t close their door completely after arming their system. However, she was so thankful for our call to make sure everything was ok. She has been a customer since 2008. She wanted us to know she truly appreciates Tatum and all of our staff, saying they are always courteous and calm. She feels very safe with us protecting her.

Tony Cervantes, Sylvia Gunter


Tony Cervantes, Technician

Sylvia Gunter, Service Dispatcher

On the evening of November 26, a grocery store in Beloit, WI, experienced a break-in and robbery. The manager called us right away the next morning, to request service to check the system and add additional protection. Sylvia Gunter rearranged Tony Cervantes's schedule and sent him out first thing. Cervantes was able to install wireless contacts on the roof hatch and trash compactor door, where it had been determined the robber had entered and exited, along with motion detection in the warehouse. The burglar returned three days later, tripped the motion detector alarm and we dispatched authorities. The police arrived with search dogs and the suspect was found in the ventilation ducts. The manager called to thank us for the immediate service, the additional protection solution and being able to install that same day.

Darice Cossom, Gary Rivers, Michael Jones, Stacy Vagos, Ali Al-Obaibi


Darice Cossom , Security Desk Officer

Gary Rivers, Lead Security Officer

Michael Jones, Security Officer

Stacy Vagos, Security Officer

Ali Al-Obaibi, Security Officer

In December, a Chicago school district customer had a carjacking occur in their parking lot. The victims, a mother and daughter, were unharmed, and informed the Security Desk Officer, Darice Cossom, what had occurred. Cossom quickly notified the School Resource Officer and Security Staff Management to get assistance en route. Lead Security Officer, Gary Rivers, arrived early and was actively patrolling the grounds in a security vehicle. Security Officer Michael Jones, ushered the victims and witnesses into a room and stayed with them until the police officers arrived. Security Officer Stacy Vagos stayed and comforted the daughter while her mother was being interviewed by the police officers. Security Officer Ali Al-Obaibi assisted in the facilitating of tasks and remained diligently at the front door while multi-tasking his assignments. Our security officers were commended for their courageous response as a team to prevent a loss of property from possibly becoming much worse.

About Per Mar Security Services

Established in 1953, Per Mar Security Services is the largest, family-owned, full-service security company in the Midwest with more than 2,400 team members, operating in 22 branch locations and 17 satellite locations. The company provides full-service security solutions for homes and businesses including security officer services, smart home automation, burglar and fire alarms, access control, security cameras, alarm monitoring, investigative services and background checks. For more information about Per Mar Security Services, please visit

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