Per Mar Secures Historical Site

Sep 02, 2016

The Old Fort in Fort Madison, Iowa is the oldest American military garrison in the Midwest. Tourists from all over visit the historical site along the Mississippi River. Unfortunately since 2012, the site has been a victim of arson, vandalism and theft. Thieves have stolen artifacts totaling thousands of dollars. The Old Fort site director, Dr. Eugene Watkins, knew that their security solution was not working. The old motion lights used at the complex did not deter vandals and burglars. They needed a security solution that would help deter the vandals and burglars, and keep the site safe and secure. The city of Fort Madison turned to us for help, and we were able to put together a total security solution that works for their site.

The historical site is now secured with new security technology including wireless cameras. The new cameras are tripped by a motion-sensor allowing for the monitoring agent to identify whether it’s an intruder or a rodent. If it is an intruder the local police station is alerted immediately. The security system has proven to be very effective. The Detroit School system put these security cameras in about 40 schools that they had shuttered. They had been averaging about three break-ins in just one of their buildings. They caught enough people with their new security cameras that their problem has since disappeared.

We are pleased the city and Old Fort site supervisor turned to us as the security leader in the Midwest, and invested in new technology that will help keep the historical site safe and secure for generations to come.