Rockford is the New Target for Security Scammers

Jun 16, 2012

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Owning a security system could make us safer than our neighbor, but lately, it could also make us a target of new scam.

The general manager of Per Mar Security tells 23 News young salesmen from out of town are going door-to-door pretending to work for various security companies. The suspects are seeing what business we use by reading signs on the door and in the yard. Before claiming they work for that company the men then ask to evaluate our equipment. Once they get inside they install a completely different system without us knowing.

Bob Haedt, Per Mar Security, says, "They're a real hard sell, a real demanding type sell, real pushy. They'll come in and try to put in systems. Put their equipment in and move on."

If these men come to your door you're asked to call police. Do not let them inside without a proper license.

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