Police Involvement in Door to Door Scam

May 16, 2012

SOUTH BEND -- The South Bend Police Department is alerting the public of a possible scam that preys on residents who have existing alarm systems in their home or business.

According to police, a group of door-to-door sales persons have been canvassing various neighborhoods in the city telling residents that they need to purchase upgrades to their alarm systems, often cellular back-up or other additional hardware and monitoring.

Many of the sales people have purported themselves to be from legitimate, licensed area alarm companies such as ADT, or from the alarm company the homeowner may already have. However, the salesperson cannot produce any documentation showing association or employment with that alarm company.

If and when the sale is made, extra equipment and an additional contract with the new alarm company is then put into place and the homeowner or business now has what amounts to two alarm services, with the new company utilizing the original company's installed equipment.

Most legitimate alarm companies originate service with 36-month contracts and this second alarm company's services do not in any way void the first contracts.

Police are warning home and business owners with existing alarm services to carefully check the credentials of any person selling products door-to-door and to be mindful of existing contracts for alarm services before entering into additional agreements with a secondary company.

Similar incidents involving elderly residents occurred in 2009 and 2010.

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