The New Neighborhood Watch: How to Protect the Entire Neighborhood

Mar 16, 2021

Your home is your sanctuary. What if protecting it extended beyond your property lines? In this blog, we’re exploring the…
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Per Mar Secures Healthcare Facilities with Cloud-Based Video Management

Feb 15, 2021

Improved remote access to video, reduced video downtime, and increased operational efficiencies are just a few of the benefits…
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Beware of Common COVID-19 Scams

Feb 8, 2021

COVID-19 has introduced its own brand of fraudulent behavior to businesses and consumers alike. It’s important to know that test…

Your Business’ Ever-Changing Security Needs

Dec 30, 2020

Now is always the time to think about your business’ security and the ever-changing needs specific to it. We make it easy to…
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Your Secure Business Plan for 2021

Dec 21, 2020

The coming year brings many unknowns for businesses small and large, and everything in between. That’s why having a business…
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The 12 Ways of Package Thief Prevention This Holiday Season

Dec 16, 2020

Online shopping has soared thanks to COVID-19, which means there are even more packages at risk of being stolen this holiday…
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The Dangers of DIY Security for (Small) Businesses

Dec 12, 2020

You have a (small) business to run and protect. You’ve researched DIY security systems online but installing one isn’t as simple…
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New Touchscreen Keypad Technology is Here: Business Security Edition

Oct 29, 2020

Per Mar Security Services’ new touchscreen keypad offers the latest security technology with an intuitive design to make it easy…
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New Touchscreen Keypad Technology is Here: Home Security Edition

Oct 28, 2020

Technology is always changing and we know there are plenty of you who are curious about the latest and greatest in home…
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Leading the Way in Elevated Body Temperature Detection Systems

Jul 16, 2020

Per Mar's non-invasive thermal imaging cameras provide fast, accurate, and zero-contact mass screenings for elevated…
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