New Touchscreen Keypad Technology is Here: Home Security Edition

Oct 28, 2020

Touchscreen Keypad for Home

Technology is always changing and we know there are plenty of you who are curious about the latest and greatest in home security. We’ve got you!

The latest is a new touchscreen keypad with features that can further your home security efforts. Check out the new touchscreen keypad (and a few of its many benefits) from Per Mar Security Services. Your techie heart won’t be disappointed!

Code Red

When there is an active alarm in your home, the security keypad will turn red to notify you and your family that there is an active, unacknowledged alarm. A code red indicates that you should leave immediately because either 1) the burglar is still in your home or 2) the police are on their way and they don’t want to be confused as the burglar (or both). It’s also a helpful visual communication tool for when the alarm has been silenced.

False Alarm Clarification

After you input your user code, you are prompted by the keypad, “Is this a false alarm? Yes or No.” This allows you to cancel or verify an alarm directly from your touchscreen keypad. So, if you accidentally opened the patio door to let the dog out, you can quickly indicate that it’s a false alarm. But, if you wake up in the middle of the night to an intruder in your living room, you can confirm that it’s a real alarm.

Silence the Siren Separately from the Alarm

When your alarm goes off, what is the first thing you do? Typically, one of three things: grab a weapon, turn a light on or turn the alarm off. With most security system manufacturers, silencing the siren also means you have disarmed the alarm panel.

But, what if this was the one time you needed it?

With the new touchscreen keypad from Per Mar, entering your user code during an alarm silences the siren (remember, the panel will turn red). This allows the home alarm to remain armed and, if another zone is tripped, it will set off the alarm again, letting you know that there truly is an intruder in your home.

Zone Inactivity for Loved Ones Living Alone

You can now monitor a person living alone. If there is no activity at the premises within the programmed number of hours, the Monitoring Center receives an alert. It’s a valuable feature if you have a loved one who you’d like to keep an eye on, whether an elderly parent or a disabled or assisted adult.

Dealer Contact Billboard

Where is the paperwork that came with your new burglar alarm? Great question and certainly not an easy one to answer in the middle of a crisis (even if it’s just your everyday kind of crisis called “life”). Selecting the Per Mar logo in the top left corner of the keypad screen displays our contact information for your reference at any time.

Touchless Touchscreen

By using the internal proximity reader, residential customers can arm and disarm the system without touching the keypad. In today’s critical environment, having a truly touchless screen contributes to your family’s safety by helping you keep the flu, COVID-19, and other viruses at bay.

Smart Home

Control the lights, locks, and thermostats from the new touchless keypad. Imagine having a keypad next to your bed and being able to control all of your lights and adjust the temperature without having to get up. A good night’s rest is a welcomed side effect of this new product!

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Mounting Made Simple

Our new touchscreen keypads can be easily wall or desktop mounted. The touchscreen’s removable backplate allows for simple and accurate wall mounting. Once the touchscreen is reattached to the mounted backplate, it can be secured in place with a screw. For desktop mounting, two legs can be easily snapped into the back of the touchscreen, creating a stand.

Resistive Touch Means Keeping Your Gloves On

A convenient feature that homeowners are loving about the new touchscreen is that it works with bare or gloved hands. It’s called resistive touch, which is different from smartphones which use capacitive touch. Another layer of protection against viruses (and the cold weather).

Privacy Filter

Our highly secure touchscreen keypad has a privacy filter to prevent anyone from seeing your security system code as you’re entering it. Further, all numbers are scrambled/randomized so onlookers cannot tell what numbers are pressed should they be standing at just the right angle to see over your shoulder.

Distinctive Entry & Exit Tones

During a ‘code red’ (when the keypad turns red during an alarm), the entry and exit tones are altered to audibly alert the person entering your home that something is not right and it isn’t safe to enter.

Easily Add More Keypads, Anytime

Wired and wireless keypads look and operate identically to each other, so adding additional keypads is never a problem.

Virtual Keypad™ App

This app provides users with the ability to access a number of system functions remotely via a cellular or WiFi connection. The Virtual Keypad app offers features such as arming/disarming your system, viewing live video and video clips from security cameras, geofencing, and push notifications. You can also select home/sleep/away for varying levels or arming your home security system.

As you can see, new technology never sleeps. Who knew that you could get so much out of your home security system keypad! We’d love to answer any questions as to how the new touchscreen technology can work for your secure home. Give us a call or contact us here anytime!

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