Using Your Home Security System While ‘Sheltering in Place’

Apr 21, 2020

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With many of you working from home, homeschooling your children or just generally home more than usual, we wanted to share a few tips on using your home security system a bit differently these days!

Keep the Alarm Set to “Stay”

You’ll still want to keep your security system armed while you’re home but there are different settings for when you’re home versus away. Setting it to “stay” mode circumvents all of the interior zones (think motion detectors) yet still detects intrusion via exterior doors and windows (and your glass break detectors will still work, too). It’s not only good for intrusion, though. The stay mode can also alert you when your young children or pets try going outside without your knowledge!

The “stay” option allows you to stay put and remain protected. If and when you leave the house, simply set it to “away” as you usually would.

PRO TIP: Login to your security system remotely from your personal web-enabled device to arm and disarm it. This makes it so you don't have to touch the same keypad as everyone else in your home.

Use Your Video Doorbell

Your HD video doorbell allows you to see and speak to your visitors from a safe distance. You can also see when your packages arrive and avoid any unwanted guests. To prevent regular disturbances while you’re on work calls or perhaps while your kids are napping, simply turn off the chime until life gets back to normal. Alerts will still come to your smartphone.

PRO TIP: Connect your video doorbell to your home security system.

Monitor Doors and Windows

As the weather starts to warm up, consider utilizing high definition video technology to monitor windows and doors 24/7, especially if you prefer to keep them open. There is no peace of mind like having that extra set of eyes with a 24/7 monitoring center on standby. Plus, your security cameras can integrate with your smoke detectors , burglar alarms and other home security features.

Don’t Forget About Fire Alarms and CO Detection

Now that you’re home more often than usual, be sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are set up and being monitored. With more people cooking at home, we’re seeing an influx in smoke alarms. Don’t forget to change the batteries twice per year (we recommend changing them during daylight savings - or - spring and fall if your state doesn’t observe daylight savings) and test them periodically as well.

With that all being said, we have all of you and your safety in our thoughts. It is our wish that you remain healthy and safe throughout these trying times. We are here for you! If you want any help utilizing your home security system to meet your new needs, please contact us. You can also request your FREE virtual security consultation here.

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