Say Goodbye to Thumb Drives and Discs and Hello to The Cloud in 2020

Feb 24, 2020

As we say hello to a new year (and a new decade), we tend to think “out with the old and in with the new.” Video sharing is no exception. This week, we’re educating you on why sharing your surveillance videos on thumb drives or discs is a bad idea and why using current cloud technology is an excellent and safe alternative. Read More

Winterizing your Home Using Environmental Monitoring Services

Feb 17, 2020

Not all home intruders are of the human variety and our security systems don’t stop at the front door. The number of possible threats that exist inside the home are endless: Read More

Physical Security Series Part 5: Building Security

Feb 10, 2020

The goal of our Physical Security Blog Series has been to weed out any and all stranger danger at every phase of entering your property. For our final blog post in the series, all that’s left is your offense once any lurking danger is in the building (that is, if any intruders manage to make it past your perimeter security, parking security, environmental design and lobby security measures). You’ve come this far so we encourage you to check out our building security tips below! Read More

The Importance of Monitored Fire & CO Protection In Your ‘For Sale’ or New Home

Feb 03, 2020

It's important for homeowners to feel safe in a home with security features like intrusion alarms, motion detectors and security cameras. It is recommended that every home has two key life safety solutions - a fire alarm system and CO detection. Read More
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