Per Mar's Everyday Rock Star Program

Nov 04, 2019

In 2019 Per Mar launched its Everyday Rock Star Program. This program is a way for the company to acknowledge “Rock Star” employees throughout the Security Officer Division at each of our locations. These employees are recognized for continually go above and beyond. They are leaders in their workplace and truly carryout the mission and values of Per Mar.

A few months ago, we set out on a mission to honor more than 30 employees in the security officer field across our Per Mar Security Services locations.These individuals were hand-selected by their managers because of their work ethic, positive attitude, and passion for their job and this company. We wanted to meet each of these individuals in person and spend at least an hour with them to understand what exactly makes somebody a ROCK STAR. We brought along backpacks full of swag, packed some water for our travels (always stay hydrated!), and set off to meet our Rock Stars. Amidst our drive, we overcame many obstacles, including but not limited to, a full-day drive through a torrential downpour to Omaha, Nebraska, plenty of road construction, back road navigation, and SO MANY MILES.We met many amazing individuals along the way including a supervisor who has seen crime rates in his area drop due to the hard work of his security officer team, a security officer who creates his own Halloween displays (spooky!), and a supervisor who managed to decrease turnover when he took over his site (all of his officers have been with Per Mar for over a year). One of our Rock Star Security Officers was so good and committed to his job that he wouldn’t allow us to set foot on client property without proving that the visit had been approved beforehand!

HR Generalists Per Mar Swag

Upon meeting with our Rock Star security officers, a highlight of our time was the life-changing advice some had to offer. This included; “Don’t be something that you’re not,” “Never go to bed angry at somebody you love” (advice from a security officer’s parents who have been married for 62 years!), “Never undersell yourself,” and “The only stupid question is the one not asked.” Within the interview we also asked our Rock Stars to describe themselves. They used words such as compassionate, hard-working, helpful, kind-hearted, strong, loyal, intelligent, vivacious, dedicated, and reliable – these are our kind of people! It was easy to confirm after just an hour (sometimes more) that these sentiments were true for each of these individuals. We were awe-struck at some of the bold statements that were made during our time with our officers. In response to the question “Who do you admire, and why?” one security officer boldly and plainly stated, “I admire Jesus Christ because He is my Savior.” Another security officer spoke about how well-cared for he is at Per Mar, telling us that he has been taken out to lunch by Tim Kilfoy, Regional VP of the Security Officer Division, and even Brad Duffy, President of the Security Officer Division, which has made him feel so appreciated.

What struck us the most about our trips was that these conversations did just as much for us as they did for our Rock Stars. Our initial goal was to honor and encourage our hard-working Rock Stars. However, we gained encouragement through them as well! Their stories truly touched us and brought smiles and laughter to our days.

After making our travels and meeting with our Rock Stars, we packed our bags and headed home to Davenport. Our car may have been lighter without the swag backpacks, but our hearts were fuller with the experiences we had. These trips have filled us with energy and excitement, and we are looking forward to meeting more of our Rock Stars in the future.

Emily Gipe, Human Resources Generalist

Taylor Boesen, Training and Development Facilitator

Andrea Maas, Human Resources Generalist

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