Our Latest Video Management Solution Has Received a Major Upgrade

Sep 23, 2019

If you’ve been using OpenEye Web Services (OWS), you already know it’s an outstanding business security tool. It has solved the problem of how to get your local recordings into the cloud using your existing camera system (even if it’s an analog system). It sees events in real-time, is monitored by our Monitoring Center (letting you know if/when your cameras go down) and can be viewed via any web browser or in the cloud. It’s an IT employee, business owner and financial manager dream-come-true! So, what’s new?

The Overview

OWS 2.0 has just been announced and has been designed to make finding video and managing your video surveillance system faster and easier. Rewritten in HTML 5, the OpenEye web client now has increased video performance and interface responsiveness, which means it’s more secure and there are no plugins to install and all that is truly needed is access to the internet (hence, the IT manager’s dream-come-true). Users will also experience an enhanced user interface featuring dedicated PTZ controls, added multi-camera video clip export and a new export manager that lets you view and cancel (easily managed) exports. Version 2.0 brings bandwidth and transcoding management that improves performance over slow internet connections and reserves bandwidth for other activity on the network, such as point of sale.

Integration & Security

Native integration with Axis single-sensor cameras and Sitelogix thermal camera analytics motion event is another new feature. To enhance user cybersecurity, OpenEye has added multifactor authentication to your local console and mobile app access. New remote client security settings allow admins to restrict remote client access by user group and client type and to allow access from only predefined IP addresses or ranges. This translates into security protocols that are faster and easier to follow.

Camera Inventory Report

Fan of reporting? OWS 2.0 introduces the all-new camera inventory report so you can quickly see camera details and settings to identify potential anomalies and identify improperly configured cameras, which saves time and money on security and policy compliance audits. Mobile apps have expanded camera grids in live view and expanded search types for intrusion, access, video analytics and queue monitoring event types.

Command Station

The enhanced Command Station streamlines workflow with quicker access to the video you need. All-new interactive maps allow you to create intuitive maps to find cameras and quickly access live video in the same building or across the country. The site search feature allows users to search by name across all recorders and cameras assigned to your account to quickly find what you’re looking for. Improve productivity with new keyword play controls and added support for the keyboard joystick controller.

You asked and OpenEye listened! We’re excited to be partnered with such a responsive, customer-centric company. This rollout has already been well received and we’re ecstatic for you to give the new features a try (or give OpenEye a try for the first time, in some cases). Contact us or request a quote for more information!

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