19 Things You Need to Do Now to Secure Your Business in 2019

Jan 21, 2019

2019 Business ChecklistWhen you reflect on 2018, are there any areas where you can beef up your business security efforts? Maybe some are obvious and some more obscure but making security a priority doesn’t have to be painful! Below is your 2019 checklist for ways in which you can secure your business right now.

  • Invest in a professionally monitored security system and fire alarm system
  • Get professionally installed, wireless security cameras
  • Review and update your security system call list
  • Review and update who has access to your building
  • Conduct a data audit and consider encrypting your data
  • Manage and update passwords on all personal computers and smartphones
  • Change passcodes on any locks
  • Change passcodes on the alarm system
  • Erase or destroy hard drives before disposing of old computers
  • Create a communications policy including social media and email
  • Use locks on desktops and laptops that stay behind after hours
  • Install high-security deadbolts
  • Lock all doors and windows after hours
  • Implement a visitor access policy/floor marshall
  • Shred old, unnecessary documents
  • Lock up important documents
  • Update and practice your emergency drill protocols and posters
  • Educate your staff on policies and procedures (keep it pertinent but brief)
  • Replace the batteries in all of your detectors and keypads (or schedule your security company to do so)

Don’t let your business’s security remain stagnant. Keeping it fresh and top-of-mind will help increase awareness and reduce incidences. You know where to find top alarm systems - and top alarm professionals - if you haven’t already pulled the trigger!

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