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Aug 16, 2018

Summer Marketing Intern

Looking for a summer internship can be difficult, especially when you start searching during the last two weeks of the spring semester. Three weeks after the semester ended, my internship search paid off when I was offered a marketing internship with Per Mar Security Services.

Per Mar is a family owned, full-service security company in the Midwest with 22 different branch locations. They provide services such as electronic security, security officers and investigation services.

Being from the Quad Cities, I recognized the Per Mar logo, but I was clueless about the company and the security industry. I had a lot of research ahead of me to understand what I would be creating content for. My bosses, Jenny and Suzette, were the best resources to me. Whether it was answering every single question I had or giving me security magazines to let my brain absorb.

These women are so amazing, running the marketing department themselves when there are 2,400 employees across the Midwest. Working in a department of two people showed me the many different things that a public relations major can be involved with. In this internship, I wrote press releases, researched publishing platforms, conducted market research and created content for several social media campaigns.

Initially, I thought my role would consist of creating social content, which was somewhat true. While I spent countless hours creating and uploading content to our publishing platform, there were other projects that I did not expect. I worked on editing the company letterhead for the sales people at each branch, data research on our 22 different markets for electronic security and recorded Google reviews.

It may have taken me a few days to conduct the market research, but it showed me how integrated Per Mar is with marketing and sales. The marketing and sales departments work together to follow through on leads throughout the company and locate new customers.

One of my biggest learning experiences was a two-day video shoot with our product partner, Honeywell. I was enrolled in JLMC 307 last semester, and let’s just say that video is not really my thing. I am aware of the basics, but the bigger scale is still a mystery to me. I sat behind the scenes as the hired film company set up, recognizing some of the terminology from class. I took the opportunity to listen to what they said and to understand a little bit more about video. We worked with multiple customers on testimonials that Per Mar and Honeywell use for our website. Seeing these customers sharing their appreciation for the company helped me appreciate Per Mar on a larger level.

I realized that social media is not the most important part of public relations, but word of mouth is. In Midwest communities, word of mouth is so important in making a decision, whether it be where to get dinner or what security company is most reliable. This has helped me think of new ideas to bring to my leadership positions on campus.

I would have never imagined I would intern at a security company in the area I grew up in. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every moment working at Per Mar.

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