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Jul 30, 2018

Total Connect Remote Access

While you may feel like you’re in multiple places at once, you can only be in one place at a time as a small business owner. For that reason alone, we understand just how important your small business tools and smartphone apps can be. Enter Total Connect™ remote access - designed to connect to your business security system to perform basic functions remotely - and the top three ways it can improve the safety of your business and employees.

1. Arm & Disarm Your Security System

Having the ability to arm and disarm your security system from your smartphone or any web-enabled device no matter where you are ensures your business and employees are always protected when you need them to be. Gone are the days of wondering whether you remembered to set the alarm!

SCENARIO: The cleaning crew accidentally triggers the alarm after hours. Rather than having to drive there in the middle of the night, you’re able to utilize Total Connect™ remote access to disarm and reset your security system remotely.

2. Push Notifications

Connect as many employees as you want to the remote access Total ConnectTM app to keep your internal lines of communication open and increase your response times to alarm events. The better news? Sharing access doesn’t have to mean being in the dark! Receive email and/or text alerts anytime someone arms or disarms the system, an alarm event occurs or any other alarm activity occurs.

3. Manage Multiple Locations

When you have multiple locations and a growing staff, as IHMVCU does, security and staffing changes can be extremely time consuming. Rather than visiting all of your locations to make code changes or employee access updates, make all necessary changes from your smartphone or web-enabled device. This reduces drive time and training time and allows for streamlining across locations.

As your business grows, we grow with you! As you can see, Total ConnectTM remote access allows you to perform functions as though you are standing in front of your alarm panel keypad. Remain connected to your business while being Per Mar protected no matter your location! Contact us for more information or request a free security review.

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