Non-Emergency Alert Guide

Jun 27, 2018

Communication Failure/Failure to Communicate/Phone Line Failure

INDICATION: The alarm system attempted to send a signal to the Monitoring Center and that signal failed.

EXPLANATION: When there is a disruption in communication via phone lines, radio/cellular towers and/or internet connections, your keypad will notify you by sounding or displaying a message on the keypad. If your alarm system communicates using multiple methods, it is possible that this notification is telling you that one method of communication has a disruption, while the alarm system is still able to communicate using a secondary method.

ACTION: If it doesn't resolve itself within 60 minutes, contact us at (800) 227-9805.

AC Loss/Power Failure

INDICATION: The alarm system has detected a power outage at your location, a loss of power to the control panel, a loss of power to the plug -OR- the transformer for the system is dead.

ACTION: When the alarm system has no power, it will still operate via battery backup so no action is needed except to ensure your batteries aren’t dead. If when power returns, the unit is still dead, call us at (800) 227-9805 about the possibility of a dead transformer.

Low Battery

INDICATION: This signal indicates that the battery backup for the main alarm system is getting low. This could also indicate a low battery in a specific device (such as a motion detector).

EXPLANATION: If power has not restored to the location, your system or specific devices may power down shortly.

ACTION: If you have incurred a low battery on a specific device, the battery will need to be changed. If the battery backup for the main alarm system is low, contact us at (800) 227-9805!

System Troubles / Sounder/Relay Troubles / System Peripheral Troubles / Protection Loop Troubles / Sensor Troubles

INDICATION: These signal types cover a variety of bases. For example, one could indicate a circuit break occurring within the devices or in the wiring associated with your alarm system. Or perhaps a specific device that is monitored is not functioning properly.

ACTION: Contact us immediately at (800) 227-9805.

Late to Test

INDICATION: Your security system’s signal was not sent at its scheduled time.

EXPLANATION: Your home or business security system was scheduled to send a signal to show that it is communicating correctly with our Monitoring Center.

ACTION: Contact us immediately at (800) 227-9805.

Late to Restore/Restore Overdue

INDICATION: We recently sent you a message regarding a signal we received and that signal has not yet reset/returned to a normal condition.

ACTION: This could require a service call if it does not return to normal status.

We hope this has helped ease any questions you had but, if further information is required, please contact the Monitoring Center at (800) 227-9805.

To sign up for non-emergency text alerts, please click here.


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