Security Tips for Property Managers

Apr 19, 2018

Property Managers Safety Tips

You already have a lot on your plate as a property manager and, unfortunately, criminals can add to it. Being reactive is dangerous and costly; finding a few simple ways to be more preventative and proactive can help save you time, money and personal damages, too. Implementing the suggestions below will go a long way in keeping staff and current tenants secure (while attracting new ones)!

Background Checks & Tenant Screening

The first step to crime prevention is screening all staff and tenants. Not only will you weed out more potential threats this way, but your current and prospective tenants will be and feel more secure which leads to reduced turnover. Our background checks and tenant screening services act as an extension of your HR department. Don’t hope for the best! Check for criminal records, drug use, sex offender registry status, credit history and more. Request a free quote here.

Utilize Uniforms & Photos IDs

All staff should be uniformly dressed and identifiable via employee badges. Why? It’s harder for criminals to impersonate them. Too often, apartment buildings are an easy target due to the denser, more accessible living quarters (e.g. more stuff in less square footage). As with burglars showing up to your house posing as repair personnel just to get in the door, the same can happen in your apartment building. You want tenants to feel confident that they are letting in one of your employees and not someone posing as one.

Visibly Secure Your Buildings

Security beyond a buzzer system or locked front door is necessary for preventing today’s savvy burglars. They are looking for signs of advanced technology such as security cameras and burglar alarm systems before making their next move. The more you can arm your property with reliable, state of the art security systems (e.g. visible cues), the safer your tenants and property will be.

And, if it doesn’t deter them, a good burglar alarm and HD video surveillance combination is sure to catch them. Real-time, verified videos receive priority response from local law enforcement thanks to superior technology. Meaning, we see the crime as-it-happens and send help instantaneously. With Total Connect™ technology, you can also see alarm events in real-time.

Utilize Security Guards

Another visible security method comes with less technology and more psychology: security guards. A few years ago, this measure may have seemed a bit extreme but with numerous school shootings and other public outbursts, more and more property managers have made room in their budget for onsite security guards. Many properties have only one or two people on staff at a time, which makes those properties - and the individuals in them - vulnerable. Criminals are aware of this vulnerability. Providing a visible security guard tends to make your building too risky to pursue. FYI, Per Mar guards are hand-picked and undergo background screening and intensive training. There is no price for that kind of peace of mind!

Provide Training & Use the Buddy System

Offering proper training on safety techniques for your tenants could prove to be beneficial in the long run. For apartment building owners, for example, there are do’s and don’ts to take into consideration when leasing agents are showing units to prospective renters. Because property managers and leasing staff are exposed to many of the same risks as real estate agents, real estate safety courses may make sense. Another simple tool is to ensure all leasing agents tell at least one coworker upon leaving to show a unit. Our instincts are our best tools, so it may also make sense to designate a secret code for your staff to use when something seems awry.

Take action on your terms rather than after your property and staff have been the target of a crime. Not only is cleaning up after a crime spree expensive, but the safety of your staff and tenants is at stake. For help in where to start, our professionals will listen to your unique needs and guide you accordingly. And since we’ve established that you’re not into taking risks, the good news is that a call is risk-free!

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