Working at Per Mar

Mar 27, 2018

We live our story! Find out how we’re making a difference for our staff, clients and our collective communities. Then consider applying for a position with us! To watch the full video click here.

Our Beginning

Recruitment Video

Originally chartered as a security and investigative business, John and Eleanor Duffy started Per Mar in their modest home located at 804 Iowa Street in Davenport, Iowa. Our company has grown through steadfast dedication to our community, employees and customers. To this day, Per Mar is owned and operated by the Duffy family and is the largest family owned, full-service security provider in the Midwest with 22 branch locations and 19 satellite locations.

Our Why

What that means for our employees is honesty, integrity and living up to our word. We hold ourselves accountable thanks to a family name and values that are important to us. Our team carries on John & Eleanor's legacy of hard work and commitment to customers, employees and community every day. Per Mar has grown over the years, but our commitment to providing reliable full service security solutions, superior customer service and protection customers can trust has never wavered. Our mission is to be guardians of people, property, and profits for life.

As a top 30 ranked security company, we are completely full service. From personnel and physical security to electronic security and the latest technology, we take zero shortcuts. We are large enough to meet industry demands and small enough to be nimble and flexible for our customers’ needs. And, in addition to the constant stream of tech changes, we’re always thinking out of the box to ensure we’re in front of what’s new before it even happens!

Our Customers Matter

Because of the ever-changing climate in the security industry, our field employees tend to get a lot of variety in their jobs while our office employees get to meet and work with a large variety of people. Not only that, we are blessed to get to do something that matters to each and every customer. Customer safety is our number one priority.

We Matter

“I like what I do. At Per mar, I’m responsible for lives and property and being able to help someone really excites and motivates me. I’ve secured what matters the most to them or [knowing] that I’ve helped their loved ones in some type of way made me motivated and excited to stay,” says Marilyn Wilmington, Monitoring Center, Shift Supervisor. “It’s not just a business, it really is about community and family. We are involved in a lot of charities and we have employee appreciation events. Per Mar really takes care of family.”

We Participate

Something that really sets us apart from the national security companies is that we serve the communities in which we reside. There is both a spoken and unspoken understanding that our customers - and their communities - come first and that brings the staff together, to our pleasant surprise. It also creates formidable relationships with our customers. It’s not just about coming up with the best security solution for someone’s home or business; we get great pride in interacting with customers in their communities - finding out what makes them tick.

We Give

And, because we are so involved in our communities, we give back. In 1980, we established an internal account funded completely by employees and the company - our own Charity Fund. We choose organizations that work to alleviate community problems and strengthen cultural and educational programs. Our charity fund matches dollar for dollar what our employees put into it. To date, contributions total $1.3 million and counting! But, it’s not just about financial donations. We volunteer, raise funds and give our time to local organizations...and we have fun doing it!

We Believe

Steve Hearborn, Security Consultant, says he’ll retire with Per Mar, “If I don’t feel in my heart that I believe in the company that I work for and the product that I’m selling, then I’m not going to be comfortable selling it. We have a great bunch of people. I believe in what I do, I believe in the company that I work for, I believe in the processes that we have in place and that’s why I’ll be with Per Mar until I retire.”

Sixty-five years, 2400 employees and 40,000 customers later, our story is still going strong. We are 100% dedicated to our community, employees and customers. You could say we protect our employees like we protect our customers. If you are interested in applying, click here to view our current openings (click here if you are currently employed with us). We look forward to hearing from you as we grow our work-life family! Learn more about what it means to work at Per Mar.

To watch the video click here.


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