Managing Who Has Access to Your Facility

Mar 29, 2018

Who do you want accessing your facility, when do you want them accessing it and which areas exactly can be accessed (or not accessed)? These are all valid questions! Whether you have a few employees at one location or a large staff at multiple locations, you have legitimate concerns about managing who has access to all or parts of your facility and when. Read More

Working at Per Mar

Mar 27, 2018

We live our story! Find out how we’re making a difference for our staff, clients and our collective communities. Then consider applying for a position with us! Read More

Video Surveillance: Why the Pros Outweigh the Cons

Mar 23, 2018

You have contemplated upgrading your security system over the years but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Before you rule it out, there’s a pretty good defense for the latest video surveillance camera technology at your workplace. Continue reading for the pros vs. cons! Read More

The Importance of Fire Inspections

Mar 22, 2018

Regular fire inspections add to an already full schedule but we’ve got a few reasons it benefits you - the building or business owner - to keep up with them annually. Read More
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