What’s Hot in Home Security in 2018

Feb 19, 2018

Home Security TrendsHome security trends for 2018 involve technology, and more technology but it doesn’t have to be complicated. So, how can you get the most out of it all? Keep reading to find out what’s hot on the home security front this year and why!

Total Control & Totally Connected

Controlling your home from anywhere - smart home automation - isn’t new but there are a few recent advancements that make it even more exciting.

  • Total Connect™ is a remote access tool for web enabled devices that allows you to arm and disarm your system remotely. In addition to remote access, Total Connect™ allows for remote live video viewing of up to six cameras at a time. Know when your kids arrive home from school or other activity in your home. Set up email and text alerts and never miss a beat! The same goes for monitoring environmental changes such as water leaks, temperature shifts and furnace leaks.
  • Lyric™ Controller Home Security System is the latest in home security combining all of the above features and adding voice plus visual alarms (in addition to audible alarms). It ties together smart home automation, carbon monoxide monitoring, smoke detection, intrusion and your kids getting home from school safely. Create scenes (or events), such as leaving the home, so that it knows to turn off the lights, set the security alarm and turn down the thermostat. For those who are tech savvy, it’s powered by Honeywell’s advanced SiX™ Two-Way technology. Smart home automation and home security are at their finest with this new leverage!

Lyric™ Controller & HomeKit

Another gold star for home automation is that Honeywell’s Lyric™ is now compatible with and certified for Apple HomeKit. Using an app or Siri, homeowners can now ask to control Lyric™ with the touch of a button or the sound of their voice, as well as other Z-wave compatible devices like lights, locks and thermostats. And yes, this means you can also do the same from your Apple Watch® or Apple TV® now too!

HomeKit is also “future proof,” meaning you don’t have to buy everything now. Add smart, HomeKit enabled devices as you go. Growing families and changing needs have all been taken into consideration with this new technology!

MORE: Read more in Honeywell’s recent press release. Learn how to pair your Lyric™ Controller with Apple HomeKit here.

Skybell™ Wireless Video Doorbells

Secure, wireless home security cameras and two-way communication are also really big right now; Skybell™ HD video combines both. See and speak to your kids when they’ve either lost their mobile phones or neglected to charge them. Remotely let them in when they’ve lost their house keys, too. Not only that, your cleaning service or appliance repair person can easily enter your home with your permission when you’re not there. And the reverse is true for unwanted guests who you want to keep out because Skybell™ is connected to your security system and smart door locks.

ACT Auto Texting

When there is a potential emergency, you’ll always get a phone call, but, for non-emergency alarm events such as low battery alerts, you can now sign up to receive text messages or emails. Customers find this very helpful when leading their very busy lives! Sign up here for text alerts for non-emergency alarm events. Just keep in mind that when a call comes in, it’s best to respond right away whereas texts are less urgent.

If you have questions about the latest trends in home security, contact us or request a free security review. We love what we do and we do what we love, so we’re always happy to talk shop!

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