What’s Hot in Business Security in 2018?

Feb 20, 2018

Business Security Trends

Check out the latest in commercial security with these five big trends.

Video on the Rise

Cybersecurity for cameras is a trending way to avoid getting hacked. Alternately, seeking out clear pictured, high def security cameras that are already highly secure and less easily hacked makes good economic sense. When we talk cybersecurity with video, some of the latest protective measures are:

  • No Requirements for Opening Inbound Ports
  • NIST Compliant Data Encryption
  • Two Step (Multi-Factor) Authentication
  • Transport Layer Security

Furthermore, establishing a trusted connection eliminates potential vulnerabilities in your network by removing the need to open ports in your firewall.

Smartphone (Remote) Access

Having an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet means having an extra set of eyes on your business 24/7. Accessing your business security system - both the alarm system and cameras - is as convenient as it’s ever been, with more developments on the rise. Plus, it’s easy to set up non-emergency email and text alerts - sign up here. A hidden perk of all of this technology is that more criminals will view it as a deterrent!

Wireless Alarm Systems vs. Landlines

Wireless alarm systems and security cameras are not going away...but landlines are! More and more residences and businesses are opting for wireless alarm systems. They are more secure, you can remotely access them and you can eliminate your phone line. That all equates to money saved in more ways than one!

Security Officer Management Platforms

Platforms for management of your mobile security officers - or guard force management platforms - are gaining popularity, especially when communication, reliability, response times, protocol compliance and documentation are so important. When searching for the right platform for your business, seek out features such as:

  • Checkpoint tour - Review and analyze guard tour data from all or select sites; Easy-to-use and install checkpoint system; minimal training required
  • GPS tracking - Gain insight into guard behavior; unlimited history of GPS data
  • Incident reporting - Quick links to reports or incidents make documentation easy to find
  • Real-time alerts - Real-time notifications and visibility of guard actions and reported incidents
  • Accountability - Provide your guards with the instructions they need when they need it

Background Checks with Applicant Tracking

Applicant tracking software integration is a buzzword you might have heard recently. Look for the ability to integrate applicant tracking software to your online background checks platform. Seeing candidates and request background checks in one place is a security trend that saves you time, increases your efficiency and streamlines your hiring and onboarding process - and we’re thinking it won’t be just a trend!

PRO TIP: Per Mar’s applicant tracking software integration allows you to choose from several ATS platforms or a preferred platform to create an all-inclusive hiring experience.

Let us know which new trends are working for you and which take more warming up to in the comments!

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