Per Mar Provides IHMVCU Peace of Mind with Total Connect

Jan 25, 2018

To watch the video of the case study, click here.

Case Study: IHMVCU

Case Study: IHMVCU

Formed in 1934 in East Moline, IL, IHMVCU has 300 employees, 120,000 members and 17 branches in eastern Iowa and western Illinois. As IHMVCU has expanded its footprint, Greg Reynolds, Per Mar Senior Major Account Executive, has helped implement security solutions to fit their evolving needs.

Reynolds recently introduced Per Mar’s Honeywell Total Connect service to IHMVCU, and it has made a positive impact to their security and efficiency of their daily operations.

“Total Connect was a great feature for IHMVCU as on a regular basis they would have to go around to each individual location, make access code changes for employees as well as arm and disarm the system on site. With Total Connect, the facilities team can login remotely and make security access changes as well as arm and disarm the system via the Total Connect app on their phones,” said Reynolds, Per Mar Senior Major Account Executive.

Jeff VanHerzeele, IHMVCU Facility Manager, is responsible for the safety and security of employees, customers and property. VanHerzeele feels that Total Connect had been a great asset to IHMVCU, especially his team. He said, “If someone is a teller one day and a supervisor another day, and you need to change their authority level you can. If you need to move them from branch to branch or if they are a floating manager, you can add or delete someone into the security system really easily. It is virtual so you can go in like you are actually standing there at the branch. We have had a couple of instances recently at our branches where we had cleaning people in at night and set off the alarm. My assistant Stacy was able to tie in with her mobile phone, disarm the alarm, and then reset the alarm without ever having to come into the office. That’s a great feature.”

Matt Jefferson, IHMVCU CTO, is also impressed with Total Connect, saying, “Security is at the fore front of our everyday conversation. We are tasked with protecting our member’s financial information and protecting our employees. I feel really good about the technology Jeff and Stacy have to monitor our locations. Makes me feel a lot safer especially as our footprint has grown.”

We are thrilled IHMVCU has embraced Per Mar’s Honeywell Total Connect Service, and we look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.

To watch the video of the case study, click here.

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