Importance of Employee Background Checks

Sep 29, 2017

You already take precautionary steps when hiring new employees; we want to walk you through why employee background checks should be one of them. Read More

Six Exceptional Customer Service Tips for Your Events

Sep 22, 2017

​Being Per Mar protected comes in many forms and this week’s blog is designed to protect your business from receiving bad event reviews and instead creating positive feedback tied to great experiences. Read More

College Campus Safety Series: Part III

Sep 15, 2017

Welcome to Part III of a three-part blog series on college campus safety! This week, we are covering fire safety on campus in honor of Campus Fire Safety Month. Read More

College Campus Safety Series: Part II

Sep 08, 2017

Welcome to Part II of a three-part blog series on college campus safety! Last week, we covered what students can do to make themselves safer on campus. This week, we are providing information on how universities can further contribute to student safety. And finally, next week, we’ll cover fire safety on campus. Be sure to tune in weekly, and let us know your campus safety tips in the comments. Read More

Video Verified Systems Improve Police Response Time to Burglaries

Sep 01, 2017

Try typing “how to break into a store with an alarm” into Google search, and you’ll be startled to see almost 15 million results. Businesses without alarms are 4.5 times more likely to be burglarized than those that do have them. But even a great alarm system won’t always stop the most tenacious burglars from trying. The good news is, business security systems that protect retail, dealerships, schools, warehouses, construction sites, mom and pop shops, residences, and more, are evolving. And modern technology is leading to higher apprehension rates, fewer false alarms, and more comprehensive protection. Read More

College Campus Safety Series: Part I

Sep 01, 2017

Most college campuses are like cities within cities, offering their own campus security. However, just like living in the “real world,” there are a few things you can do to add an extra level of personal security. Read More
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