​Your Business Security Checklist

Jun 30, 2017

Business Security Checklist

When discussing business security, employee theft often ranks at the top of the list but business owners have to cast a wide net to ensure extensive security and safety. Regardless whether it’s internal or external theft, we want you to be Per Mar protected at all times. Proper protection is not a one-step fix but a full court press against criminals. Consider this checklist in your business security plans!

  • Protect petty cash, confidential documents and other important physical data under lock and key
  • Keep a close eye on your accounting practices (Related: How to Appropriately Handle Employee Theft)
  • Shred discarded documents often and only print when necessary
  • Utilize appropriate levels of access control systems
  • Lock laptops to desks or ensure employees take them home after hours
  • For company issued cell phones: encrypt the storage, set up a remote wipe, ban apps from unknown sources (third party apps), only connect to trusted WiFi networks, utilize the passcode lock feature and fingerprint reader where available and countless other tips from tech experts found here
  • Always secure your company WiFi; if you offer internet access to guests, have a separate WiFi connection for them
  • Lock all doors, garage doors and windows, even during working hours when not in use
  • Require all employee passwords be changed regularly (30, 60 or 90 days)
  • Conduct background checks, not only on employees but vendors such as cleaning crews
  • Encrypt the data on your printers and make them difficult to steal
  • Set up a protocol for terminated employees that ensures no data will be stolen or keys copied
  • Keep hiding spots to a minimum - trim hedges and trees and be sure a thief cannot easily hide on your property
  • Set up indoor and outdoor security cameras so that you can either prevent the crime or have proof when it comes time to prosecute
  • Install a professionally monitored and video verified security system on the premises of each of your buildings and outbuildings
  • Invest in security guards when necessary
  • Be prepared for fire damage with a monitored fire alarm system

If you aren’t familiar with our business security systems, explore them here or contact us for more information. Check back weekly for more home and business security safety tips!

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