Top 7 Reasons to Secure a Summer Events Job

Jun 02, 2017

Summer Event Jobs

School's out for the summer, which means many people are looking for temporary or part-time jobs. With the sun shining and extended daylight hours, we feel as though we can accomplish more in the same amount of time. Coincidentally, this is the busy season for our Event Services folks thanks to concerts, fairs, and festivals! Check out the top seven benefits of part-time summer Event Services work (includes security in some cases) and consider turning your free time into profitable time.

1. Travel & Be Outdoors

Summer events jobs at Per Mar Security Services often come with travel perks! Visit some of the Midwest’s top cities such as Omaha, Des Moines, Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison while earning extra income. In many cases, optional transportation to and from events is provided (only where specified). Fairs and outdoor music fests are a nice change of pace from fluorescent lighting and lack of sunshine. Think of it as a paid getaway!

2. Pay Down Your Debt

Not to bring the mood down, but let’s look at the numbers for a moment. The Federal Reserve’s most recent calculations indicate household debt in America is $50 billion higher than our previous peak in 2008. Plus, auto and student loans are up while credit card balances are down, which indicates tough times rather than frivolous spending. Whether a student, a college graduate or someone who went straight into the workforce, you are likely facing some large bills. Every dollar counts, so get a jump start if you’re still in school and stay ahead of the interest if you’re already working down your debt. Our summer positions start at $9/hour with some as high as $14/hour!

3. Learn to Set Boundaries

If you start typing the words “learn to set…” into Google, it will finish your sentence for you. That’s because there are 70 million searches for “learn to set boundaries.” Some people have a harder time doing so than others, but saying no is a skill that can be learned. While one person might attend a class, another might find hands-on training to be best. And while we cannot guarantee any personal results, we can tell you that our Event Staff often have the tough job of saying no and keeping things - and people - in order. Duties typically include but are not limited to bag checking, traffic and parking control and crowd control. Get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to something new!

4. Attend Events at No Charge

You’ll be hard at work, sometimes for 9-10 hours per day, but maybe you’ll get to hear a musician or see a game that was on your bucket list. In addition to concerts, events include NFL football games, NCAA volleyball games, PGA golf events, county fairs and theatre shows. The 2017 Solheim Cup is a big draw in West Des Moines in August. Another of our current summer event job openings is for the Metallica concert in Newton, a perk you won’t get at your regular day job!

5. Network/Make New Connections

If you are a creature of habit, you probably see the same people in your everyday life with little room for variety. Securing a summer events job not only strengthens your finances but can have social benefits as well. Networking can be a key part of landing the career of your dreams. Perhaps you’ll meet your next employer or mountain biking buddy at your summer job!

6. Learn a New Skill/Build Your Resume

Event specialists go beyond security and into handling money and other duties. Working with people is an invaluable skill set and generally provides the type of experience you can talk about at your next job interview. Employers are almost always looking for a good story where you handled a situation appropriately while thinking on your feet. Event Staff usually have several stories from which to choose!

7. Turn Part-Time Work Into a Full-Time Career

Some employers are seeking full-time candidates but want to ensure a proper fit with temporary, part-time employees first. Others aren't necessarily looking long term at the moment, but come across employees who are a good fit. In those cases, they will often keep your resume on file for when something opens up later. You’ll also have an opportunity to connect with Human Resources specialists who are often willing and able to recommend good candidates to others in their field (refer to networking in #5).

On top of the obvious thaw from winter, there are many reasons to love summer while profiting from it. If you are seeking part-time summer work, we want to hear from you! Please search and apply online or share our opportunities with someone you know who is looking for something different! Don’t see what you want? Register for future openings here.

*Per Mar is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer/Women/Minorities/Veterans/Disabilities.

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