Boat & Marina Security

Oct 12, 2011

Physical measures alone cannot keep a burglar out of your boat. Any barriers you add increase the three natural enemies of crime - time, noise, and visibility - will reduce a burglar’s opportunity and increase the risk of being caught. Read More

ABC's of Crime Prevention

Sep 13, 2011

Here are some crime prevention tips to help protect yourself and loved ones. Read More

Vacation Safety Procedures

Sep 12, 2011

Per Mar offers some tips to help you when you leave for vacation. Read More

Babysitter's Guide to Safety

Aug 12, 2011

Here is a guide for babysitter's can use to stay safe. Read More

Safety Tips for Senior Citizens

Jul 13, 2011

Here are some tips that senior citizens can use to help them stay safe. Read More

Fire Safety at Home

Jun 13, 2011

Here are some tips for fire safety at home. Read More

A Guide to Personal Safety

May 12, 2011

Here is a guide to help you with your personal safety. Read More

Guide to Poison Prevention

Mar 10, 2011

The average household has as many as 250 “poisons.” They include common household items such as detergents, bleaches, birth control pills, insecticides, polishes, solvents, and disinfectants. By taking the proper precautions, the tragedy of an estimated two million annual accidental poisonings can be avoided. Children between the ages of one and three are the most frequent victims of this catastrophe, which may result in permanent damage or death. Read More

How Secure is Your Home?

Mar 10, 2011

All exterior doors should be either metal or solid core,1 3/4” wood. Glass or thin wood panels, in or near the doors, can be protected by installing polycarbonate glazing and secured with one-way screws. Read More

Operation Identification

Feb 08, 2011

A thief’s greatest risk is being caught in the act. The second greatest risk is being caught with the evidence. Since mass-produced assembly line appliances and products look identical, the police have no way of identifying them as stolen goods. This leaves little grounds for incrimination. If an item has been inscribed with a driver’s license number, the information can be entered into a computer and the owner can be identified. This knowledge alone may act as a deterrent to a potential thief. Read More
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