​Fire Safety Tips for Your Business

Oct 14, 2021

As a business owner, your company is very near and dear to your heart, as are the hardworking people you employ. It stands to…
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Fire Safety Tips for Your Home

Oct 14, 2021

Fire safety month continues, with this week being Fire Prevention WeekTM! Now that we have cleared up any questions regarding…
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Monitored Fire Alarms Vs. Unmonitored Smoke & CO Detectors

Oct 12, 2021

So many areas of our lives are automated thanks to technology; why not use that technology for saving your life rather than just…
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What Do Security Guards Do? 

Sep 23, 2021

What does a security guard do? What are they responsible for? Find out here!
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How Coronavirus is Affecting Cybersecurity

Sep 15, 2021

The coronavirus has affected everything from schools to the stock market and has left many business owners unsure of what the…
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Updating Your Security System When Employees Leave

Aug 31, 2021

People can come and go from a business. It is important to know how to update the security system to make sure you know who has…
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Intelligent Video Monitoring for Your Business, Part 2.2

Aug 25, 2021

See how Intelligent Video Monitoring can help in protecting your construction site.
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Back to School Safety

Aug 17, 2021

Kids are headed back to school this fall! Back to in person learning and parents are back into the office. Make sure your kids…
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Lock it Down: Car Safety

Jul 29, 2021

Many areas are seeing a rise in car thefts. Per Mar wants to provide 9 Tips to protect your car from theft. These tips can…
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