Live Scan Fingerprinting

Electronic Fingerprinting in the Quad Cities

Per Mar provides electronic fingerprinting using Live Scan Fingerprinting technology.

Live Scan Fingerprinting

Fingerprints are completed by appointment only. The cost of Live Scan prints is $65, cash or check. We do not accept credit or debit cards. 

Please make sure to bring your drivers license or another photo id with you to your appointment. You can make an appointment by calling (563) 326-6292.

Fingerprinting Services

Do you need to get your fingerprints for your state license?

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Live Scan Fingerprinting Licensures

  • Bank Charter Management Staff
  • Pawn Brokers
  • Explosives Licenses
  • Massage Therapists
  • LPN/RN
  • Locksmith
  • associate real estate trainee appraiser
  • Live Scan Fingerprinting Vendor
  • Private Alarm Coordinator
  • Private Detective
  • Private Security Contractor
  • Security Officers
  • Drivers Training Instructor
  • Vehicle Dealer Licensures
  • state certified general real estate appraiser
  • Firearm Concealed Carry Instructors
  • Firearm Concealed Carry
  • Canabis cultivation agent
  • canabis dispensing agent
  • chiropractic license
  • Physician License
  • licenced medical aide

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Fee Applicants?

Fee Applicants are fingerprinted based criminal history information request authorized by Illinois Complied Statutes for the purpose of licensing or employment screening by governmental agencies.

How long does it take to receive results?

Once the Illinois State Police (ISP) receives your prints, the average response time is 24-48 hours (for both ISP and FBI). Sometimes it may take up to 30 days if they can not make an immediate determination on the background check. ISP can regenerate a Fee App response for 90 days upon receipt.

Will I receive a copy of the results?

No, the result will be sent directly to the agencies that requested the prints. 

How do I find out if the agency that requested my prints received the results?

You will want to contact the agency that requested your prints within 15 days of being fingerprinted to ensure that they have received the results. Per Mar DOES NOT receive these results. You will need to contact the agency directly.
The number for the Department of Professional Regulations is (217) 782-8556.

What if they tell me they have not received a response?

If they have not received a response, you will need to contact Per Mar. We will check to make sure that the transmission did go through and provide you with the date of that transmission. You will then need to contact the ISP at (815) 740-5160 and provide them with your TCN number and the date the prints were transmitted. **It is EXTREMELY important that you follow up on your prints within 15 days of being printed. The ISP will only regenerate a response within 90 days of your print date. After this time frame, the Illinois State Police and Per Mar Security Services will NOT be responsible for fingerprint response dissemination.

I was printed before and now I need them for another agency, state, or employer. Can they be transferred?

No they can not. A new set of fingerprints is required by state law each time a criminal background check is requested. We are also only allowed to transmit prints to the Illinois State Police and no other agency or state.

My prints need to be processes by both the FBI and ISP, is that possible? 

Yes. Your prints are transmitted to the ISP for processing and they will send them on to the FBI for processing at the Federal level. Results from both will be sent to the Agency that is requesting your prints.