Environmental Monitoring

Per Mar’s Security Systems Don’t Stop at the Front Door

Protect your home with our environmental monitoring service.

Home and property damage can occur in seconds, which means you don’t have to be away for long for things to go awry at home. With Per Mar's environmental monitoring service, you can trust that we will alert you immediately if something goes wrong.

What We Monitor

  • low and high temperatures
  • sump pump failure
  • flooding from burst pipes
  • flooded basement
  • other water leaks: furnace, washer, refrigerator, freezer

Environmental Risk Factors

A failed thermostat, frozen pipes, a failed sump pump, a leaking fridge or furnace and a broken air conditioner, can all be dangerous for your family or pets.

Pets can be subject to extreme hot or cold if the A/C or furnace go out; kids can be exposed to dangerous fumes if your furnace is leaking; your floors and possessions can be water damaged if a sump pump fails or a pipe bursts. Environmental monitoring is one more way in which Per Mar provides you peace of mind.

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Smart Home App - Always Be Alert (and Be Alerted)

Receive instant text or email alerts on your smart device for environmental changes that occur in your home or on your property. Check in on things and react before the damage is done. Take control and learn more about Per Mar's smart home app.

Total Connect

Choose Environmental Monitoring You Can Trust.

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The Per Mar Difference

Our team handles all of your security needs from purchase to installation to service to alarm monitoring and response.

Trusted Installation

You never have to deal with unknown businesses or multiple providers in your home. A Per Mar Security Services truck and security professional(s) will arrive to install your new environmental monitoring system(s), which can also be integrated with your other Per Mar security systems (home security system, smoke detectors, security cameras, etc.).

Superior Monitoring

Per Mar's own UL listed and Five Diamond Certified Alarm Monitoring Center provides 24/7 alarm monitoring. Our monitoring agents are trained rigorously and tested regularly so when a need arises, you’re in good hands.

Per Mar Alarm Monitoring Center
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"Per Mar provides outstanding customer service and has excellent response time when an alarm is tripped. Any questions or needs that I have, they are taken care of right away. If an alarm goes off, I receive a call and an email within seconds. I have worked with several other security companies and Per Mar is the greatest security company that I have had the pleasure of working with!"

Justin | Residential Customer