Intelligent Video Monitoring

Are you using smart technology to maximize your security coverage?

Per Mar's Intelligent Video Monitoring expands security coverage on your property to proactively deter crime or stop a loss before it happens.
How Intelligent Video Monitoring Works


Our experts set up monitored intelligent video cameras around your property to have views of critical areas at all times to help deter crime.


When our intelligent video technology is triggered, live video goes direct to our Monitoring Center to view the unauthorized access in real-time.


If there is a real threat, our Monitoring Center Agents can dispatch authorities immediately, directing them to the exact location.



Enhances Interior & Perimeter Security

  • The presence of Per Mar’s monitored intelligent video cameras can proactively deter crime or stop a loss before it happens.
  • Remote Guarding via our intelligent video cameras Provides more visibility of critical areas on your property and provides documented evidence of incidents.

Improves Response Times

  • Expands your security coverage, having additional eyes on your property at all times.
  • alerts our MONITORING CENTER AGENTS to live video of unauthorized activity, and immediately dispatch authorities to the exact location.
  • By viewing live video across your property, our Monitoring Center Agents can communicate what is happening in real-time to authorities as they are responding.

Cost-Effective & Reliable Solution

  • An affordable solution that efficiently expands your security coverage.
  • Ability to use existing cameras and infrastructure.
  • Instantaneously monitors the functionality of your video camera system so our Monitoring Center is notified immediately if the cameras are malfunctioning or someone is tampering with them.