Access Control

Keep Tabs on Who Comes and Goes

Whether you want to control one door or hundreds across multiple buildings, a properly designed access control system installed and managed by Per Mar is the best way to control who has access to your business or organization.

Access Control

Our access control system increases safety for employees and students by allowing you to specify access based on person, time and location. Per Mar offers on-site software utilizing existing servers to hosted software solutions.

Features of Access Control

No More Keys

With key cards and key fobs, you won’t ever have to worry about a lost or stolen key getting used or duplicated. If an access card is lost or not returned, you can quickly deactivate it.

Control Employee Access

Easily assign different levels of access for different employees. In addition, maintain employee profiles including electronic photos for better organization and identification.

Reliable Tracking

Keep track of who is exiting and entering the building and at what times. Plus, receive activity reports for any key card at any time.


Set schedules for weekdays and weekends by utilizing automation to lock and unlock doors on a schedule. You can even allow an employee access to a particular room while you’re away with the click of a button.

Full System Integration

Per Mar’s Managed Access Control seamlessly integrates with our burglar alarms, video surveillance, and I.D. badge programs for full-service capabilities.

Dynamic Controls

Dynamic controls allow you to control access to doors, elevators, gates, and more.


Not sure how your needs may evolve? Start with one or two doors and add more as your business grows.

Card Reader

Managed Access Control

If your business does not have the time or resources to manage an access control system, trust Per Mar to take charge. MAC is Per Mar’s Managed Access Control program for business security, designed to help businesses maintain full control over their building access without any of the hassle. Per Mar administers all programming, cardholder database management and report services, giving you a secure facility without having to develop access control expertise.

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Choosing MAC vs. Traditional Access Control

Features and Benefits

Per Mar MAC Services

Traditional Access Control

Lower cost than Traditional Access Control X No
No software cost X $500 to $1,000
No software service agreement X $1,000 to $2,000
No dedicated PC needed for functionality X Needed
No PC needed for programming X Needed
No need for trained personal on-site to administer X Needed
No Microsoft Service Pack upgrade issues X Possibility
24-hour repair service included X Not Probable
24-hour phone support provided and included X Not Probable
Remote management available 24/7/365 X Not Probable
Simple and economical to add doors as required X Not Probable
End user has a choice between self managed and Per Mar managed X Not Probable
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We have worked with Per Mar for several years for our CCTV and access control systems. We have been very happy with their service. Their staff is knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. We would recommend them for any security equipment installations, whether business or residential.

Liz | Pierce Pepin Cooperative Services