Transitioning from Landlines

As phone networks move from Landlines to VoIP (voice over internet protocol)consumers it is important to check your alarms connection to the monitoring center.
If you use a landline phone with your security system, this blog is an important read. As all major phone networks move from landlines (a.k.a. POTS, plain old telephone ser……

Robbery Prevention & Response Tips for Better Business Security

With a few simple robbery preventions and security system tweaks, even cash-only businesses can improve their business security profile. Here's how.
Business crime is always difficult to deal with, but a robbery can be especially distressing. While the FBI says that a majority of store robbery cases are simply “crimes of opp……

Catch or Scare Trespassers in Real-Time

Catch trespassers in real-time! Avoid a loss or disruption to your business by intruders. Intelligent video monitoring can help scare off or catch trespassers quickly.
If your assets were stolen, how much damage would it cause you? How big of a disruption to your business would it be? Would you go down for a day or two….more? The latest in……