Are DIY Home Security Systems Worth the Risk?

DIY projects have their place. Updating a piece of furniture or attempting to make your own sourdough bread are prime examples. But, just as you wouldn’t DIY your dentist appointment or install your own cable TV, security systems should be left to the pro…
t cut corners when installing a home security system to protect your family and property f

Proactively vs. Reactively Investing in a Home Security System

When you purchased your home, you got a home inspection to ensure its value and overall safety. But the last thing on a home inspector’s list is home security. Outside of you, the homeowner, who else is focused on your family’s safety?
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Lock it Down: Car Safety

Many areas are seeing a rise in car thefts. Per Mar wants to provide 9 Tips to protect your car from theft. These tips can help deter a thief during the day and night. Remember to #LockItDown

Back to School Safety

Kids are headed back to school this fall! Back to in person learning and parents are back into the office. Make sure your kids are ready to be home alone.
Ensure Everyone Knows How to Operate the Home Security System Everyone in the household sh…ould be familiar with your home security system. Your kids should know how to arm and

Updating Your Home Security System When People Move Out

moves fast and changes are inevitable. Your home security system is designed to keep up with you and y… Home Security System Checklist Delete any extra

Home & Fire Safety Tips for Parents

Here are top home and fire tips, which have been compiled from the Child Safety Network and the U.S. Fire Administration. Save these tips and please refer back to the home safety checklists as often as needed.

Deep-Fried Turkeys & Kitchen Fires

The holidays are upon us. It is a great time to see those close to us and spend time with those we love. That often involves food! Here are some tips to keep your home and guests safe when cooking for the holidays!