How Shopping Small & Local Benefits Your Community

The month of November brings many festivities and one crowd favorite is SHOPPING! The Saturday after Thanksgiving is designated as Small Business Saturday and, this year, that day falls on November 24th.

Holiday Home Safety Tips

Christmas is the most wonderful - and often most stressful - time of the year! Not only are there many details to plan, gifts to buy, trips to take and guests to host, but there are also thieves to avoid.
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Tips to Keep Kids Safe While Shopping

​As parents, we always hope for the best but expect the worst. Armed with diaper bags, handbags and one more catch-all bag for good measure, we are prepared for literally everything!

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Winter Safety Tips

We tend to focus on bad weather, slippery roads and frozen pipes in the winter but rivaling all of those safety concerns is carbon monoxide (CO). Find out what makes this home invader unique and what you can do to stop it this winter.

The Importance of Security Reviews - Home Edition

When security for your family and home is what you want, then security for your family and home is what you should get. In the DIY world, you’re knowingly left to your own devices.
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Keep Your Pipes From Freezing With These Simple Tips

Winter has parked itself quite comfortably across the country and this weather, for many, is showing no signs of slowing down (or warming up). Whether you own a single family home, condominium, townhome, apartment complex, modular home or tiny home, you’v…

3 Ways to Prevent Fires During Cold Weather

The groundhog may have gotten it wrong this year; spring is showing no signs of making an early appearance. Thanks to another polar vortex breaking apart in the Arctic, winter weather is extending into March.

The Skinny on Smart Garage Doors

A smart home is one that’s automated and remotely accessible (exclusively by its owners). Gone are the days of having to remember every last detail before walking out the door in the morning.
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Peace of Mind with a Little One on the Way

Having grown up with my parents running a security company, I have of course always had a security system, and never really thought twice about it. It was second nature to set the alarm when I was leaving or going to bed, and to know everything was secure…

What to Do When Your Sump Pump Fails

​Not only does spring bring fluctuating temps that put your smart thermostat to work but it can also bring a lot of water due to melting snow and April showers. These conditions are sure to test your sump pump’s abilities to keep your home dry.