Per Mar Medical Alert Q&A

We’ve all seen the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” commercials on television and we all have someone in our lives that we’ve thought could use this technology but how do you know when to give it a try?
r Medical Alert works very similarly to your home security system and smoke detectors in that calls are

Home Alone: After-School Tips for Kids & Parents

You are very alert to your child’s whereabouts but are they just as alert? That being said, wanting to establish guidelines and plant safety seeds in their formidable heads is something to which we can all relate. Check out our top safety tips for kids wh…
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​Real Estate Agent Safety Do’s & Don’ts

Sometimes, our best tool is our natural instinct. We encourage all real estate agents to employ that natural instinct at all times and never let your guard down.

Do You Have a Known & Practiced Fire Escape Plan at Home?

Do you and your children know what to do in the event of a house fire? Fire Prevention Week is October 7-13th and we have a two-part blog series covering fire escape plans at home and at work (next week’s blog).

Fire Safety Tips in the Kitchen

You now know that more fires happen at home than anywhere else, but did you know that kitchen fires are one of the leading causes of house fires?​

3 Rules For Protecting Your Home from Afar

It’s much harder to keep an eye on your home away from home when you’re not there. Savvy burglars are just waiting for property owners to vacate the premises so they can strike. And burglars aren’t the only type of intruders to be cautious of - vacation h…
is with friends who own multiple properties. Home security is such an important thing… If home security concerns are keeping you up at night… Home Security

How a Smart Home Security System Can Help When Selling Your Home

If your home has many similar features and benefits to that of other homes on the market - an open floor plan, an eat-in kitchen and a great school district - how can you, the seller, set it apart?
Home security systems are definitely necessary nowadays…em. I would definitely prefer a house with a home security system over one that doesn…s to use your professionally installed smart home security system to make it stand out. Here

Cold Temp/Pre-Freeze Residential Checklist

The cold Midwest temperatures bring more than just the need for heavy clothing layers and emergency supplies in every car!
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5 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Home Security System

Check out this week’s blog on how to get the most out of your home security system, which, like most technology, has capabilities beyond what meets the eye!
s blog on how to get the most out of your home security system… Controller Home Security System works with Total ConnectTMTM to add a… added layer of security by registering your home security system with local law enforcement