What’s Hot in Home Security in 2018

Home security trends for 2018 involve technology, and more technology but it doesn’t have to be complicated. So, how can you get the most out of it all? Keep reading to find out what’s hot on the home security front this year and why!
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Top Tips for Flu Season

Flu season is in full swing, so we’re going to lay out some preventative measures and tips to help your immune system once the flu has taken hold of you.

Energy Tips for Your Home

Earth Day will be observed on April 22 this year so, in honor of Mother Earth, we’ve got a two-part blog series for you. We’ll cover energy tips for your home first and then your business so that you have the rundown of the many ways in which any home or …
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Security Tips for Your Next Move

A move is the ultimate form of adulting which means a lot of stress and fatigue. The list of things to disconnect, update, relocate, pack and store can be unbearably overwhelming.
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​What To Do After a Home Break-In

Burglaries happen every 15 seconds in the U.S. with anywhere between 66-75% happening on residential ground. We know our readers are swift and savvy, so we offer you this week’s blog for steps on what to do after an attack on your residence.
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Storm Safety Tips For Your Home

Despite advanced warnings, people are regularly injured and homes are damaged by severe storms. Some may have missed the warning but others heard and chose not to respond. Don’t be that family! There are a few simple things you and your family can do in o…
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4th of July Safety Tips

What’s meant to be an innocent, neighborly activity can quickly turn into a disaster without the proper precautions. Fireworks on Independence Day account for 28% of all fires and at least that amount in fire-related injuries according to the National Fir…

Non-Emergency Alert Guide

Communication Failure/Failure to Communicate/Phone Line Failure INDICATION: The alarm system attempted to send a signal to the Monitoring Center

Importance of Carbon Monoxide Detectors in the Home

Iowans have reached the end of a two-year deadline for carbon monoxide (CO) detectors and other states are likely to follow suit. Former governor Terry Branstad signed a law into effect requiring Iowa residences with fuel-burning heaters, fireplaces, gas …

​How To Start a Neighborhood Watch

Wanting the best for your neighborhood might come in the form of an HOA (homeowners association) and well-groomed lawns but, if you want to be taken seriously by lurking criminals, it also means forming a neighborhood watch.
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