Updating Your Security System When Employees Leave

People can come and go from a business. It is important to know how to update the security system to make sure you know who has access and if you want them to continue having access.
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How Coronavirus is Affecting Cybersecurity

The coronavirus has affected everything from schools to the stock market and has left many business owners unsure of what the future looks like. The pandemic has also affected the cybersecurity world and left businesses and customers vulnerable to cyber a…
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What Do Security Guards Do? 

What does a security guard do? What are they responsible for? Find out here!

Fire Extinguishers: What you need to know

Here is everything you need to know about fire extinguishers for your home and business.

Intelligent Video Monitoring for Your Business Part 2.3

Fully protect your auto dealership with intelligent video monitoring. Have Per Mar Security Services watch over your lot 24/7 to cut down on false alarms and for faster response times from authorities.

Stop False Identification

During the Great Resignation, many are finding new jobs. Make sure you are not a victim of false identification.

New Wave of Access Control

Per Mar has industry-leading, next-generation electronic locking systems without wires or mechanical keys. Smart technology is everything and access control is no different.

Transitioning from Landlines

As phone networks move from Landlines to VoIP (voice over internet protocol)consumers it is important to check your alarms connection to the monitoring center.

Robbery Prevention & Response Tips for Better Business Security

With a few simple robbery preventions and security system tweaks, even cash-only businesses can improve their business security profile. Here's how.
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