Do you have a Known & Practiced Fire Escape Plan at Work?

You’ve gone above and beyond in training your staff to be the most efficient, knowledgeable employees possible but have you trained them on what to do in case of emergency? In honor of Fire Prevention Week, this week’s blog focuses on making sure your emp…
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3 Rules For Protecting Your Home from Afar

It’s much harder to keep an eye on your home away from home when you’re not there. Savvy burglars are just waiting for property owners to vacate the premises so they can strike. And burglars aren’t the only type of intruders to be cautious of - vacation h…
for protecting your second home from afar. Technology is Your Friend…d catching burglars in the act. Taking technology a step further

Is Your Fire Safety Equipment Up-To-Date & Up-To-Code?

Running a business has you going in many different directions. Not only is your to-do list never-ending but some tasks simply aren’t ingrained in your day-to-day operations because they only need attention once or twice per year.

How a Smart Home Security System Can Help When Selling Your Home

If your home has many similar features and benefits to that of other homes on the market - an open floor plan, an eat-in kitchen and a great school district - how can you, the seller, set it apart?

5 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Home Security System

Check out this week’s blog on how to get the most out of your home security system, which, like most technology, has capabilities beyond what meets the eye!
like most technology turning into larger ones. Piggybacking this technology with your existing security system is a snap…Wave technology to control the lights

Holiday Home Safety Tips

Christmas is the most wonderful - and often most stressful - time of the year! Not only are there many details to plan, gifts to buy, trips to take and guests to host, but there are also thieves to avoid.

Does Your Business Need Hosted or Managed Access Control?

Establishing who has access to your facilities - plus when and where they have access - is often a necessary safety measure taken by business owners and building managers.
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Securing Your Business Plan & Your Business

Did you know December is National Write a Business Plan Month? Often overlooked in business planning are important topics such as securing assets, employee and customer safety and theft.

Tips to Improve Security for Your Retail Space

Retail is tricky. Your space has to look good, have a certain flow and appeal to the masses but also be a safe space for shoppers, vendors and your retail employees, in addition to being profitable, of course

The Skinny on Smart Garage Doors

A smart home is one that’s automated and remotely accessible (exclusively by its owners). Gone are the days of having to remember every last detail before walking out the door in the morning.
ll appreciate this technology. Much more advanced than earlier versions… our smart home technology knows when your garage door is open without