Per Mar Provides IHMVCU Peace of Mind with Total Connect

Per Mar introduced Total Connect service to IHMVCU and it has made a positive impact to their security and efficiency of their daily operations.
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Winter Pet Safety Tips

​Your pet is family and, we’re betting, treated more like a human than an animal. We hear you! Many of the winter rules that apply to humans also apply to your furry companion but are easy to take for granted. So, in honor of National Love Your Pet Day (F…
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What’s Hot in Home Security in 2018

Home security trends for 2018 involve technology, and more technology but it doesn’t have to be complicated. So, how can you get the most out of it all? Keep reading to find out what’s hot on the home security front this year and why!
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What’s Hot in Business Security in 2018?

Check out the latest in commercial security with these five big trends.
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Video Surveillance: Why the Pros Outweigh the Cons

You have contemplated upgrading your security system over the years but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Before you rule it out, there’s a pretty good defense for the latest video surveillance camera technology at your workplace. Continue reading for the p…
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Managing Who Has Access to Your Facility

Who do you want accessing your facility, when do you want them accessing it and which areas exactly can be accessed (or not accessed)? These are all valid questions! Whether you have a few employees at one location or a large staff at multiple locations, …
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Energy Tips for Your Home

Earth Day will be observed on April 22 this year so, in honor of Mother Earth, we’ve got a two-part blog series for you. We’ll cover energy tips for your home first and then your business so that you have the rundown of the many ways in which any home or …
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​Energy Tips for Your Business

Part two of our Earth Day blog series will answer your top 10 business related energy questions. Why? Because every penny counts!
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Security Tips for Property Managers

You already have a lot on your plate as a property manager and, unfortunately, criminals can add to it. Being reactive is dangerous and costly; finding a few simple ways to be more preventative and proactive can help save you time, money and personal dama…
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Tips for Robbery Prevention & Procedure in the Workplace

Businesses that deal in cash are especially prone to robberies. In a perfect world, burglaries wouldn’t happen and they definitely wouldn’t happen while employees are present.