College Campus Safety Series: Part II

Welcome to Part II of a three-part blog series on college campus safety! Last week, we covered what students can do to make themselves safer on campus. This week, we are providing information on how universities can further contribute to student safety. A…

College Campus Safety Series: Part III

Welcome to Part III of a three-part blog series on college campus safety! This week, we are covering fire safety on campus in honor of Campus Fire Safety Month.

Importance of Employee Background Checks

You already take precautionary steps when hiring new employees; we want to walk you through why employee background checks should be one of them.

​Fire Safety Tips for Your Business

As a business owner, your company is very near and dear to your heart, as are the hardworking people you employ. It stands to reason, then, that fire safety and fire prevention would be top priorities. Follow along as fire safety month continues into your…

Workplace Safety Tips: Don’t Leave Your Employees in the Dark

With daylight saving time fast approaching on Sunday, November 5th, it’s important to create workplace safety around shorter days. Your first shift employees get the short end of the stick after having enjoyed longer daylight hours for most of the year, t…

Business Security: Burglar-Proof Your Windows and Doors

While you can't always predict supply and demand, ensuring the protection of your business is one investment that will always pay off.
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Preventing Retail Theft During the Holiday Shopping Season

With an influx of shoppers out and about during the holiday season comes an influx of retail theft. This theft can happen at small mom-and-pops, the large box retails and everywhere in between. Don’t let losses trump your record-breaking sales; follow the…

Updating Your Emergency Contact List for Your Business

This week’s blog is designed to walk you through the importance of having an updated emergency contact list for your business on file with us (or your current security provider) and how to update it.

Per Mar Provides IHMVCU Peace of Mind with Total Connect

Per Mar introduced Total Connect service to IHMVCU and it has made a positive impact to their security and efficiency of their daily operations.
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Winter Pet Safety Tips

​Your pet is family and, we’re betting, treated more like a human than an animal. We hear you! Many of the winter rules that apply to humans also apply to your furry companion but are easy to take for granted. So, in honor of National Love Your Pet Day (F…
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