Fire Safety at Home

Here are some tips for fire safety at home.
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How Secure is Your Home?

All exterior doors should be either metal or solid core,1 3/4” wood. Glass or thin wood panels, in or near the doors, can be protected by installing polycarbonate glazing and secured with one-way screws.

Guide to Poison Prevention

The average household has as many as 250 “poisons.” They include common household items such as detergents, bleaches, birth control pills, insecticides, polishes, solvents, and disinfectants. By taking the proper precautions, the tragedy of an estimate…

Operation Identification

A thief’s greatest risk is being caught in the act. The second greatest risk is being caught with the evidence. Since mass-produced assembly line appliances and products look identical, the police have no way of identifying them as stolen goods. This leav…

Top 5 Winter Travel Safety Tips

While some Americans are still celebrating the holidays (work parties, delayed family celebrations, etc.), others are back to real life. For many, getting back to the daily grind means travel, and travel during winter months can be precarious. Refresh you…
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Top 6 Tips to Prevent Shoplifing

Preventing shoplifters can save your profits and your reputation. Follow our top six tips to keep you from having to play bad cop at your place of business!

How to Help Your Business Weather a Winter Storm

We never quite know how long winter will last in the Midwest states. And we can never be too prepared for the worst case scenario. Check out these tips for helping your business weather a winter storm!

How to Appropriately Handle Employee Theft

Employee theft is an occupational hazard that no employer wants to encounter. Unfortunately, it’s a crime business owners cannot ignore, with an estimated global loss of $3.5 trillion annually.

​Home Safety Tips: Spring Cleaning Edition

Spring is in the air, but so are the (often hidden) toxins that have been trapped inside your home all winter! And, don’t forget the routine maintenance items that would otherwise be an afterthought.