3 Ways to Prevent Fires During Cold Weather

The groundhog may have gotten it wrong this year; spring is showing no signs of making an early appearance. Thanks to another polar vortex breaking apart in the Arctic, winter weather is extending into March.
room or going to sleep. For more candle fire safety tips visit NFPA… be sure to check out our Fire Safety Tips for Your Home blog to know what to do during

The Skinny on Smart Garage Doors

A smart home is one that’s automated and remotely accessible (exclusively by its owners). Gone are the days of having to remember every last detail before walking out the door in the morning.

What to Do When Your Sump Pump Fails

​Not only does spring bring fluctuating temps that put your smart thermostat to work but it can also bring a lot of water due to melting snow and April showers. These conditions are sure to test your sump pump’s abilities to keep your home dry.

Beat the Heat Poolside: Child Safety

There is no better way for the family to beat the summer heat than enjoying a nice cool dip in the local pool. We’ll cover our top pool safety tips to help keep your children safe all summer long.
ll cover our top pool safety tips to help keep your children safe all summer l

Being Prepared If Your Child Goes Missing

Marc Klaas of KlaasKids wants you to know that there is no time to lose when a child disappears and the more information you have in-hand, the quicker the response time will be.
s Top Safety Tips to Prevent Missing Children ALWAYS tell your

Safety Tips for Solo Runners

It’s 4 AM and the kids are still sleeping. This is your only window to get that morning run or walk in but it’s still dark out. How can you go about your fitness in the safest possible way?
We have found a combination of safety tips

Home Security System and Tracking Your Teenage Children

School is in full swing, which means kids are in and out of the house a lot. Even the best teenagers are prone to accidents, peer pressure and forgetfulness.

Physical Series Part 1: Perimeter Security

When considering your perimeter security plans, go beyond fencing and think big. Don’t limit your thinking to technology but don’t discount it either. Consider all potential threats, areas of vulnerability and what assets you are wanting to protect. Below…

Physical Security Series Part 2: Parking Lots & Garages

Today’s topic is physical security for your parking lots and garages. These are areas that would be easy to overlook and seem otherwise innocent but more than one in ten crimes occur there annually.

Tools to Help Senior Citizens "Age in Place"

Falls in people 65 and older are serious and costly, sending many to the emergency room and often leading to lengthy hospital stays and procedures. Keep reading for our suggestions on how to comfortably and safely live at home well into your senior years.