ABC's of Crime Prevention

Here are some crime prevention tips to help protect yourself and loved ones.

Guide to Poison Prevention

The average household has as many as 250 “poisons.” They include common household items such as detergents, bleaches, birth control pills, insecticides, polishes, solvents, and disinfectants. By taking the proper precautions, the tragedy of an estimate…

Summer Vacation Safety Tips

Being Per Mar protected doesn’t stop at your home or business, and summer is right around the corner. By now, you probably have your destination picked out, and your mind is already basking in the fun you’ll have! Humor us while we bring you back to reali…
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Home Security Tools for Seniors Living Alone

As we get older, our home security concerns change. What works for families or young people may not meet the unique needs of seniors who live alone. And, just over one in four adults over the age of 65 lives alone.

College Campus Safety Series: Part II

Welcome to Part II of a three-part blog series on college campus safety! Last week, we covered what students can do to make themselves safer on campus. This week, we are providing information on how universities can further contribute to student safety. A…

Workplace Safety Tips: Don’t Leave Your Employees in the Dark

With daylight saving time fast approaching on Sunday, November 5th, it’s important to create workplace safety around shorter days. Your first shift employees get the short end of the stick after having enjoyed longer daylight hours for most of the year, t…
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Food Safety Tips: Common Foods, Unsuspecting Results

Many foods and other items commonly found on your grocery list can turn into unsuspecting home dangers, and we have the tips to keep you and your family safe from them!

Tips for Bath Time Safety

January is National Bath Safety Month, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t throw our towel in the tub!
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Winter Pet Safety Tips

​Your pet is family and, we’re betting, treated more like a human than an animal. We hear you! Many of the winter rules that apply to humans also apply to your furry companion but are easy to take for granted. So, in honor of National Love Your Pet Day (F…
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