Cold Temp/Pre-Freeze Residential Checklist

The cold Midwest temperatures bring more than just the need for heavy clothing layers and emergency supplies in every car!
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5 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Home Security System

Check out this week’s blog on how to get the most out of your home security system, which, like most technology, has capabilities beyond what meets the eye!
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Securing Your Business Plan & Your Business

Did you know December is National Write a Business Plan Month? Often overlooked in business planning are important topics such as securing assets, employee and customer safety and theft.

3 Ways to Prevent Fires During Cold Weather

The groundhog may have gotten it wrong this year; spring is showing no signs of making an early appearance. Thanks to another polar vortex breaking apart in the Arctic, winter weather is extending into March.

What to Do When Your Sump Pump Fails

​Not only does spring bring fluctuating temps that put your smart thermostat to work but it can also bring a lot of water due to melting snow and April showers. These conditions are sure to test your sump pump’s abilities to keep your home dry.
Environmental monitoring technology … environmental monitoring sensors detect excess water. They can also d…Free Security Review for more information on environmental monitoring for your home.

Managing Your Smart Home from Your Smartphone

Smart technology is everywhere. But how does it translate in the home security world? Continue reading to be on top of your smart game!

The New Neighborhood Watch: How to Protect the Entire Neighborhood

Your home is your sanctuary. What if protecting it extended beyond your property lines? In this blog, we’re exploring the concept of the new “neighborhood watch” 2021 terms.
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