Video Surveillance

Using the latest technology, Video Surveillance from Per Mar Security Services provides you with the video documentation and support you need for your case. At Per Mar, our professional investigative team can work with you to legally obtain the information you are looking for in a quick and effective manner to ensure a prompt resolution to your problem.

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Get The Whole Story With Video Surveillance From Per Mar

While a picture can be “worth a thousand words,” video will tell the whole story. When combined with the documentation of our professional investigative team, Per Mar’s video surveillance service provides clear and concise documentation of an event with a timeline that cannot be disputed.

Our video surveillance solutions can range from a simple single-camera design to a complex multi-camera system. We can help you investigate recurring theft, employment concerns, security threats and more while protecting everyone’s privacy and remaining within the confines of the law. 

Let Per Mar help you resolve your problem with indisputable video documentation. Our surveillance techniques are designed to provide you with the facts necessary to resolve your problem quickly and without question.

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