Event Ticket Takers

Ticket Takers

Ticket takers are some of the first people your patrons meet when they arrive at your venue or facility. Often responsible for directly assisting your guests and patrons with admission, seating and access to restricted areas of your venue, it’s important to have professional and knowledgeable staff available. At Per Mar Security Services, we can provide you with trustworthy and experienced ticket takers to help your event run smoothly.

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Per Mar's Ticket Takers Ensure A Successful Event

Ticket takers are non-security positions that act as the official greeters, welcoming each guest to the venue. They receive tickets from patrons upon entering the gate and use a means to qualify the ticket, whether that is tearing off the stub, stamping the ticket, or using an electronic scanning device to verify the ticket. Ticket takers can also help direct special needs persons to the proper entrances and elevators.

Based on your requirements, Per Mar can provide you with ticketing staff and/or consulting to help your next event find the success you’re looking for.

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