Tenant Screening

There once was a time where a simple handshake was all you needed to be confident in any business agreement. Today, landlords and property managers must be more careful when entering in on such agreements. Tenant screening services from Per Mar Security Services give you the information you need to be confident you are accepting the best and most reliable tenants.

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Save Yourself Trouble With Tenant Screenings

Background Check
High-risk tenants can take advantage of you and your property with unpaid rent, property damage and more. With tenant screening from Per Mar, we can help you verify the identities of your tenants and help you avoid what could potentially be costly risks.

Whether you require eviction records, criminal history, credit checks, or specialized verifications, Per Mar can help. We will assist you in obtaining any necessary details to help you make educated choices about prospective tenants while complying with FCRA regulations.

Stop wasting time with high-risk tenants and let Per Mar help you make your property safe and profitable.

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