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Secret Shopper

Secret shoppers from Per Mar Security Services offer a great way to professionally investigate your operations and provide in-depth intelligence about what is going on behind the scenes. Secret shoppers can be used to measure quality of retail service or gather specific information about products and services. Posing as normal customers, our secret shoppers can explore every facet of your business and provide detailed reports of their experiences.

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What We Do

Per Mar’s secret shoppers can provide you with a wealth of knowledge that can otherwise be difficult to obtain. Some of our secret shopper services include:

Guest Monitoring
Shoppers will assist you in monitoring your customers when your team is too busy servicing customers. This service can provide you with an unobtrusive third party assessment of any situation that may occur.  

Customer Service
Shoppers will evaluate your operations without your staff being aware of their presence. This service can help you evaluate your customer service, transactions and sales efforts and give you a foundation for improvement.  

Gray Market Sales
We’ll send shoppers to visit competitor locations to obtain information and sales receipts that can help you gain valuable information on price competition and reduce the impact of gray market sales tactics.

Internal Theft
Shoppers will monitor your operations for evidence of internal theft and anything happening that can affect your bottom line either by exchange of products or money.

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