Residential Products

We realize that installing a security system will have an impact on your decor. At Per Mar Security Services, we have many different options to match your home. While there are many more colors, styles and varieties available from Per Mar, this page showcases some of our most popular security systems so that you can begin to visualize how they will look in your home. Contact your Per Mar representative for a more comprehensive list.

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Keypads Keypads 

Almost every security system has a keypad. Located by an entrance, the keypad allows you to turn the system on or off by entering a unique security code.

Sensors Sensors

Sensors are additional hardware connected to your security system that can detect and alert you to potentially dangerous situations. Some examples of sensors available include fire and smoke sensors, motion sensors and broken glass sensors.

  Alarm System SensorSecurity System Sensor   Burglar Alarm Sensor
Radio Monitoring Radio Monitoring

Most security systems rely on your telephone line to connect to the central station. But that line can become inoperable. Radio monitoring allows your security system to wirelessly connect to our central monitoring station using reliable wireless technology.
Mobile Services Mobile Connectivity

The remote keypad works just like a security system keypad, but lets you take it with you wherever you go. You can now use your smartphone or other compatible wireless handheld device to access and operate your system from anywhere.

Medical Alert Devices Medical Alert Devices

Using a medical alert device allows individuals access to immediate one-on-one assistance in their time of need. A press of the button from anywhere directly connects them with the help they need.

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